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(Designs and samples of Wedding Cards)


Kankotri: Traditionally Invitation Card, with details of a marriage occasion was written on a piece paper with Kanku and sprinkled over it was Chokha. The first invitee is the ‘Kul Devta’ of the family and the second one to the maternal uncles of the bride/groom. The host parents then had to personally visit each and every invitee with a fistful of ‘Kanku’ with ‘Chokah’ and request them to be present and grace the occasion. Only those who are invited then attend the occasion.



























Kanku-Chokha’, the traditional rite for inviting friends and relatives on auspicious occasions, improvised and made simple by www.lohanaonline.com. Select from a collage of e-Kankotris, provide the text with a list of e-mail addresses of the invitees.

Be assured that no one goes a miss.


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